pondělí 25. července 2011

What are lava lamps made of?

Hi, I'm sure that every one who has ever seen lava lamp had this thought on their mind. What are lava lamps made of? If you want to build your homemade lava lamp, you need to know the professional lava lamps are made of. I've been looking for as much info as I could find and I finally know.
what is really interesting is that the companies who made lava lamps are keeping it as secret, so one really knows exactly what is inside lava lamps of that exact company, but generally we know what is inside lava lamps. Inside lava lams there are two mediums, one is usually salt water and the other one is mixture of wax or petroleum jell and some other stuff. I really don't know if it is easy to find the other stuff which is inside lava lamps, but I'm sure that for creating your homemade lava lamp you will need something more simple.

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