pondělí 25. července 2011

Homemade lava lamp step by step

Hello, today I have found one really very good and very simple manual how to create your very own lava lamp at home and almost for free. I really hate it that lava lamps in shops are usually so expensive, with this manual you can crate your homemade lava lamp and as you will see, it is also very cheap.

1. get some really tall vase or it can be also jar or some bottle
2. get some sea salt
3. get some food coloring, just pick the color you like
4. get some cooking oil, it really does not matter which one, just one you have

5. Mix the food coloring with water until you have some nice color.
6. Put this mixture in the jar, but don't fill it completely.
7. Now put in the jar the oil.
8. As you can see it now, the oil is above the water.
9. Now you can start to drop salt in the jar, as you can see, you have your own lava lamp!

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