pondělí 25. července 2011

How to build real lava lamp at home

This is really something what is not very easy. The real lamps are patented technology and even you really can make real lava lamp at home, it will be probably something quite complicated and what is worst, it will very likely be more expensive than if you just buy lava lamp at store. It is sad, but it is simply true and I really don't want to lie on this blog. On this blog everything should be true.
So if you really want to know how it feel to make real homemade lava lamp with moving "lava" then I suggest you visit site oozzinggoo, they have there lot of stuff about lava lamps and how to create these lamps at home. I have tried it and it can be really fun, but the original lava lamps just still looks the best and if you want really good looking lava lamp, it is I think the best option. Well, creating your own lamp is much bigger fun and that is also very important.

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