pondělí 25. července 2011

My favorite lava lamps 1

Hello, I know that this blog should be about homemade lava lamps, but I'm big fan of those original also and I have decided that I will not create another blog just about original lava lamps and I will show your here on homemade lava lamps from time to time some of my fav original lamps. The first one is this one. I'm sure that you have probably mostly seen those green or red lava lamps, well this one is not so traditional and in my opinion looks absolutely fabulous. Those black bubbles looks very cool and scifi.

How to build real lava lamp at home

This is really something what is not very easy. The real lamps are patented technology and even you really can make real lava lamp at home, it will be probably something quite complicated and what is worst, it will very likely be more expensive than if you just buy lava lamp at store. It is sad, but it is simply true and I really don't want to lie on this blog. On this blog everything should be true.
So if you really want to know how it feel to make real homemade lava lamp with moving "lava" then I suggest you visit site oozzinggoo, they have there lot of stuff about lava lamps and how to create these lamps at home. I have tried it and it can be really fun, but the original lava lamps just still looks the best and if you want really good looking lava lamp, it is I think the best option. Well, creating your own lamp is much bigger fun and that is also very important.

Homemade lava lamp step by step

Hello, today I have found one really very good and very simple manual how to create your very own lava lamp at home and almost for free. I really hate it that lava lamps in shops are usually so expensive, with this manual you can crate your homemade lava lamp and as you will see, it is also very cheap.

1. get some really tall vase or it can be also jar or some bottle
2. get some sea salt
3. get some food coloring, just pick the color you like
4. get some cooking oil, it really does not matter which one, just one you have

5. Mix the food coloring with water until you have some nice color.
6. Put this mixture in the jar, but don't fill it completely.
7. Now put in the jar the oil.
8. As you can see it now, the oil is above the water.
9. Now you can start to drop salt in the jar, as you can see, you have your own lava lamp!

History of lava lamps

Hello, this short article is about history of lava lamps. Everyone who would like to build homemade lava lamp should know I think at least something about history of these lamps.
Lava lamp (sometimes also called Astro lamp) was invented by guy called Edward Craven-Walker and in fact it is even patented invention. Well, then it was not called "lava lamp", but just "display device". Edward Craven-Walker named the device as "Astro lamp". This lamp was for very first time presented at Brussels trade show in year 1965. It was there where guys from USA bought rights to manufacture this lamp in United States under name Lava Lite. There are now many companies who create Lava Lamps, but probably only those form company Mathmos are those really original with the exact original formula from Edward Craven Walker.

What are lava lamps made of?

Hi, I'm sure that every one who has ever seen lava lamp had this thought on their mind. What are lava lamps made of? If you want to build your homemade lava lamp, you need to know the professional lava lamps are made of. I've been looking for as much info as I could find and I finally know.
what is really interesting is that the companies who made lava lamps are keeping it as secret, so one really knows exactly what is inside lava lamps of that exact company, but generally we know what is inside lava lamps. Inside lava lams there are two mediums, one is usually salt water and the other one is mixture of wax or petroleum jell and some other stuff. I really don't know if it is easy to find the other stuff which is inside lava lamps, but I'm sure that for creating your homemade lava lamp you will need something more simple.

pátek 22. července 2011

Another homemade lava lamp

Hi all, I'm always happy when I find another video where you can see some simple way how to create your own homemade lava lamp and I'm sure that this is exactly what lot of you have been looking for. It is really very cool that you can make lava lamp so simply.

Homemade lava lamp

Hello everyone, it took really quite a short time and I have found another video clip where you can see one quite simple method how to create lava lamp, bu again it is very simple and not exactly like real lava lamps.

How to make homemade lava lamp

Hi everybody, this time I have for you for very first time video where you can see how to build your own homemade lava lamp. It is really very interesting video, because it is quite short and you can see that it is really much more easier to build such lamp than it seems to be when you see some of these laps in the store. Well, that is really great, isn't it? Well as you can see in the video it is really not exactly like real lava lamp, but it still looks pretty cool.

Welcome to web Homemade Lava Lamp

Hello everybody, I'm happy that you have decided to visit this place. First I have to say that I'm really big fan of lamps and I have always wanted to have lamp lamp. Problem is that lava lamps really are not something cheap, so for many people only way how to obtain is to build their own. That is what this blog is all about, it is about homemade lava lamps, how to build your own lava lamp, videos and much more. I'm sure you are going to like this blog.